The Des Moines Science Fiction Society is a non-profit that promotes science, literacy and art. We connect with the community in many ways and invite you to join in.

DemiCon Lites
This is our education program for DMSFS.  We hold 10 to 14 events a year. All of them hold an educational value with workshops, live music, outreach, or panels.  We try to keep all activities free with possible supply cost. These are open to all and are held around Des Moines, connecting cities, and local libraries.

Charity Work
DMSFS works with the community throughout the year with different fundraisers and support of local groups.

Some of the examples:

  • We choose a charity for DemiCon: Des Moines Annual Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention each year. The convention allows DMSFS to raise funds for the chosen charity with donations and a charity auction.
  • Participates as a group in certain walks.
  • Used our creative abilities to enter pieces of art for local charities.

DMSFS encourages connections with other local groups and libraries. Co-hosting events with groups, DemiCon Lites, having fan tables at DemiCon, and encouraging members to connect with other groups is a major part of how DMSFS interacts with others.

If there is a group or a charity that you would like to tell us about please contact us at