Last Updated on 26 May 2017

Section I: Intent and Interpretation of By-Laws

1.0 Purpose of by-laws. These by-laws were developed for the following purposes:

1.1 To define the purpose and direction of the Des Moines Science Fiction Society and its sponsorship of DemiCon, an annual science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention and other DMSFS sanctioned events such as the DemiCon Lites and the SACCs.

1.2 To define the duties, responsibilities, rights, and authority of its officers, ConCom, appointees and/or committees, and members.

1.3 To provide a set of guidelines for settling disputes.

2.0 Interpretation of by-laws. Whenever possible, these by-laws should be interpreted by intent first, rather than literal wording.

3.0 Definition of terms. The following are definitions of terms used in these by-laws.

3.1 DMSFS – An acronym meaning “Des Moines Science Fiction Society.”

3.2 Definition of meetings. A DMSFS meeting is a scheduled gathering of DMSFS members (as defined in section IV).

3.3 Virtual member – Any member not in the physical, who is viewing, listening or participating, in an online/digital/audio DMSFS meeting (not limited to Facebook, Skype, or other media).

3.4 Attending member – Any person physically attending a DMSFS meeting.

3.5 Voting member – Any member who has met the requirements for voting on various DMSFS issues (see requirements in section V).

3.6 Attending voting member – Any member who may vote and is attending a DMSFS meeting in person.

3.7 Proxy voting member – Any member who may vote and who submits his/her vote by proxy.

3.8 Whiffletree – The pivoted horizontal crossbar to which the harness traces of a draft animal are attached.

3.8a Not a hitching post.

3.9 Convention –  A DMSFS approved gathering of fans, under the direction of a ConCom as elected by the DMSFS organization.

3.10 DemiCon – The official name of DMSFS’ annual science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention.

3.11 Officer – DMSFS member elected to an official club office.

3.12 ConCom – DMSFS members elected to the convention steering committee.

3.13 Appointee – DMSFS member selected to administer Approved Post, short-term project task, DemiCon department head, or a group of DMSFS members selected to serve on an Interim or Long-term Committee.

3.1415 Pie are round, cobbler are square.

3.15 Committee – A group of appointees selected to administer an approved goal.


Club Information

The Des Moines Science Fiction Society (DMSFS) is a 501(c)(7) organization that seeks to work cooperatively with local individuals, organizations, and media to promote a variety of causes, including: scientific research, space exploration, literacy, and the arts.

Persons seeking information on science, science-fiction, or fantasy-related topics, and organizations looking for additional resources (including volunteers) for similarly-related activities, are invited to contact any club officer or member at

DMSFS is the sponsor of DemiCon, Des Moines’ annual science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention. But we do other things, too, such as getting together twice a month to discuss science fiction and fantasy, have programs with educational opportunities and hold meetings to keep everyone up to date on upcoming events. Go to a monthly movie. Hosting DemiCon Lites to learn awesome things and supporting the community like knitting, computer security, listening to live music, costuming, walking for a cause, and the list goes on.  Also for throwing some bodacious parties (oops — excuse me; I meant, “gathering for the semiannual DMSFS constitutional conventions”).  And most essentially like enjoying the company of others that share our interests.

DMSFS meets the second and fourth Fridays of each month at the Valley Junction Activity Center at 217 5th Street. It is 2 doors north of the Tavern Restaurant in the Valley Junction district. There is a parking lot off of the 4th Street side of the building with plenty of room. The building is a 2 story sandstone building with burgundy awnings and trim. We meet in the lower level large room.